Malabar is a lifestyle shop specializing in classic, beautiful and well-designed goods. Our carefully curated collection of unique and inspired homewares and accessories has been carefully selected to enhance the joy of giving - and living - well. 

Malabar first opened in Orchard Park, New York in 2006  — and relocated to Vergennes, Vermont in 2013.

Malabar is the name of a John Alden Schooner — we come from a sailing family, so a sailing vessel as a logo seemed obvious — as well as, we love to offer our customers goods from all over the world, so the ship, as a vessel for trade, seemed appropriate.  Which brings us to the “Malabar” coast of SW India, which, throughout history has been a major trading center — again, the whole goods-from-all-over thing.  Finally, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were married and honeymooned at Louis Bromfield’s “Malabar” Farm in Ohio — this adds “Hollywood glamour” to our “trade” and “sailing” trinity.  

Plus, I liked the word - it has 3 A’s and I like things in 3’s…

Julie Jones